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Are you an adventure seeker, an experimentalist, a dreamer, or an escapist? No matter which kind of traveler you are, Sheri offers an authentic experience as she highlights the best restaurants, shops, bars, and must-see attractions in her personal Travel Guides. Bon voyage!



The slightly salty yet succulent taste of jamón ibérico that rests on the lips. The warmth of the skin as the sun kisses it. Antoni Gaudí’s neo-Gothic architecture. Colourful printed skirts swaying down the cobblestone paths. These are some images of Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. Barcelona’s unique location offers long beaches, a wealth of seafood, and too-good-to-be-true weather. It is also rich in impressive architecture and culture, making the metropolis an exciting choice for your next getaway.



On multiple occasions, Denmark has been voted the happiest country on Earth. As the capital and most populated city of Denmark, Copenhagen supports that claim as a biking metropolis and advocate for clean technology. Happiness is clearly visible on the Danishes as they whiz by with lots of leisure time and modest expectations. Denmark boasts a strong social support and health care system, providing the freedom for one to live as he or she pleases. In Schön! 28, we spoke to Helen Russell, author of A Year of Living Danishly, to uncover the real secrets behind the happiness the country boasts. Not content with merely reading about it, we had to make a trip out to the country to see for ourselves.



Preparing to enter the capital city of Russia is no easy feat, but once you manage to secure a visa, you’ll be very glad that you did. Moscow’s spectacularly immense streets, highways, and buildings will probably be the first thing you notice. The grandeur of it all projects a sense of a metropolitan empire, inviting visitors to relish and conquer what the city has to offer.



Perhaps one of the most exciting things about Italy is its tantalising cuisine. Ripe tomatoes bursting with sunshine, rich olive oil, and fresh pasta are seen allover the country. When in Bologna, try some Bolognese! The genuine sauce has little tomato and is rich in hearty meat. Trattoria Del Rossa prides itself on serving handmade pasta stemming from family recipes, giving you an authentic taste of the city. This cosy restaurant is great for casual meals as the ambiance is low-key. Experience the Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese or the slightly curled noodles of Gramigna alla Salsiccia.



Istanbul has been the centre of territorial conquest and geopolitical friction since the very beginning of its existence. It was known as Constantinople during the Roman Empire. Then, the city served as the capital for three more empires: the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. Bridging the gap between East and West, the celebrated Silk Road trickled across Turkey, allowing merchants and traders to exchange not only commercial goods, but cultural trade as well. Today, Istanbul is an extremely dynamic city with delightful surprises at every turn.



It comes as no surprise that Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world for backpackers, young travellers, and those who want to take part in unique underground nightlife experiences. While Berlin is the capital of Germany, it is considered one of the poorer cities in the country where many attractions are free, abandoned, or just a great steal. The entire world shook at the fall of the Berlin Wall, which is a great place to start your journey in this historically rich city.



A voyage to Greenland is for the bold nature lover. Whether you’re seeking adventure by scaling the glacier wall and hiking to see the icebergs in Ilulissat, or a more relaxing excursion for modern comfort in Iliminaq, Greenland is undoubtedly a destination for a curious explorer. Beyond the ice, loving sledge puppies, and wild landscapes, there is an undeniable and welcomed stillness that resonates through the long summer days.



From deep literature to haunting cinema, internationally acclaimed manga and heated washlet toilets, underground sex scenes to incredible dining, Japan’s wild imagination stays unparalleled to the rest of the world. As the capital and largest city of Japan, Tokyo is an animated jungle begging to be explored. You’ll find that the Japanese people, despite their limited English, are extremely polite and helpful. The extensive public transportation, impeccably clean streets, and overall respect for public space is astonishing. The large choice of everything can be daunting, so here is a carefully selected assortment of activities you won’t want to miss.



Iceland was probably put on the map thanks to queen of quirk Björk and later, post-rock band Sigur Rós. However, it wasn’t until recently that the Nordic island has been a coveted travel destination, thanks to Game of Thrones’ wintery battles and Interstellar’s exploration of an icy planet. What’s more, the seventh installment of Star Wars was filmed in Iceland as well. Now that Wow Air offers affordable flights to the country from Europe and now the United States, today is your chance to visit the land of fire and ice.



Toronto’s nippy weather is easily overlooked once you interact with the extremely warm people. Their openness and welcoming disposition instantly makes one feel appreciated as a foreigner. This is one of the reasons why Toronto is such a complex cultural mosaic: the people encourage diversity and integration, as 50% of the population has been born outside of Canada. As Canada’s largest city, and the fourth largest in North America, Toronto is a worldwide business, entertainment hub, and well known for its open-mindedness and diversity.



Portugal’s capital of Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, with first known inhabitants occupying the city around 1200 BC. The narrow, winding streets are constructed with cobblestones and many old buildings seem to have been abandoned. It is as if whispers of Lisbon’s folklore are heard throughout every turn in this charming city. Take a stroll through the twists of Bairro Alto and admire the iron Santa Justa Lift. The hilly landscape will undoubtedly bring you to a number of spacious city squares, like the Praça do Comércio for example. Many talented street performers, fully equipped in impressive costumes, take Lisbon as their stage to surprise those who pass by.   



Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, home to the most scenic beaches in the world. Literally meaning “strong wind,” Fuerteventura is always breezy, making this island the ideal spot for windsurfers and kite boarders alike. The sky is speckled with the reds, whites, and greens of kites as surfers ride waves and the vast beaches dripping with golden bare torsos. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, the waters vary between nuances of turquoise and sea foam green, and is so transparent one can clearly distinguish each toe dipped inside. The ocean is not particularly warm to bathe in, but is refreshing all the same. In July, the air temperatures hover around the mid 20s. The beating sun is hardly felt due to the wind, but leaves a serious impression if one forgets to slather on sunscreen.